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So if I ever go to Ireland, all I need to say is "You'll be grand!" (presumably with a big smile) and "Tomasins"?

Works for me. Sounds/looks like you had a grand trip...


I vividly remember spending a week in Scotland with friends of the ex-boyfriend and not understanding a word they were saying to me. I finally got tired of asking them to repeat themselves and just nodded politely. And this was in the lowlands, I can't even imagine traveling further north.


What's also funny is that they don't seem to understand what we are saying! I was asked to repeat myself constantly, especially in Glasgow.

The Irish and Scots seem not to get along so well, and that surprised me. The Scots seem to generally begrudge the Irish (especially the South, as it's called) for the EU-inspired economic wealth. They seem to attribute the boom to some kind of funding formula trick that the Irish pulled on Europe to boost road building, job growth, and tourism. Ireland is in fact much different and generally has more stuff, more colorful, clean city centres, and plenty of new impressive and expensive houses. But how can one begrudge success? Oh...we liked you better when you were poor, you Irish! I heard that sentiment expressed by Irish-American tourists at a fancy medieval castle banquet.

The Irish people tended to say this about the Scots and their land: "Dramatic scenery, but the people just aren't that friendly." We didn't find that to be the case at all, the lack of friendliness. Our Scottish inn-keepers were incredibly nice to us...despite the fact that we'd show up late, and depart early frequently.

I'm still not sleeping right, and thinking I'm in Scotland every night.


The next time we see that particular famous person will be at Judi Dench's Fish'n'Chips. Now completely free of mad fish disease. When you go there, make sure to order something or Ms. Dench will hurt the employees. "She'll beat us, she will."


The British have such a way with the language. It's like they invented it.

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